Progressive Sustainability is a local Tasmanian small business. 

We specialise in energy efficiency for homes and small businesses, solar passive and green design for new buildings and renovations, and education for sustainability through community workshops and public speaking.

  • Practicing sustainability:
 organising things to to be efficient and resilient over the long-term while accounting for the needs of people and the limits of the natural environment.

Sustainability benefits everyone and leads to financial savings, lower risks, improved morale and a smaller environmental footprint.  Early adoption of the principles of sustainability, such as energy and resource efficiency, will put your family or organisation firmly on the path to thriving in the New Economy.

Progressive Sustainability offers services including:

  1. educative HOME or SMALL BUSINESS energy assessments - you will come away from this knowing what you can do and how to do it, including a detailed report, recommendations organised by approximate cost, and follow-up advice if desired; 
  2. consultations for those looking to build, renovate or invest their homes
  3. energy and sustainability education, such as workshops/seminars, training, lectures, teacher support, public speaking, etc.; 
  4. general energy and sustainability consulting.

For more information, try the services page.

×A core goal of Progressive Sustainability is also to help knit together a community of sustainability professionals who assist each other to find and complete sustainability work.  Contact us today!